The complete range of  cardboard hangers

We develop beautiful clothes hangers for your designs. These cardboard hangers do not only hang your clothes – they make your brand noticed in a unique way with up to 5 times more branding space than ordinary hangers. You can write, draw and colour anything you like all over the hanger on both sides.

Have a look at all of our models below. You can click through the different categories to find the hangers you are looking for.

Several of our hangers have been used by top brands such as PUMA, Topshop, British Fashion Council, Olive & Moss, Nina Skarra and New Generals to name but a few of the bunch.

Not just cardboard hangers

Learn more about how the hangers can be used to boost your brand, the branding benefits and the added value you will gain by using the sustainable hangers as your marketing tool.

Did we mention the sustainability benefits? When hanging your designs on this branding billboard you can do it guilt-free and tell the world about the green efforts your brand engages in. Furthermore, the hanger is a resource saver, which will bring lower costs for you and the environment.

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