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Once upon a time… is how most stories begin. Our story is not a fairy tale, but the story of three good friends not only conceiving a green business idea, but making it a reality.


The three friends who dared to think big

NORMN Hangers was founded in 2011 by this trio of friends: Pieter Theron (South African/British), Majken Møller (Danish), and Norman MacKenzie (Scottish).
Between them is a fine blend of economic, environmental, and design skills.

Pieter is a chartered accountant and previously worked in investment banking in London, as well as in the venture capital industry. He is responsible for the company’s innovations and finances. His wife, Majken Møller, has a Master’s degree in Environmental Science, with a background in sustainable supply chains and environmental performance. She is responsible for business development and for ensuring that all NORMN products are the best in their class, when it comes to sustainability. Norman MacKenzie is the brainchild behind the concept. He is a product designer with a background in art, illustration, and product development. Norman invents and designs of all our hangers making sure that they are beautiful, functional and durable in all contexts.

The story which lead to a brilliant green business idea

The idea behind NORMN Hangers began one night in London. The three friends, who met as neighbours, were sitting on the roof-top terrace of their building having a glass of wine together – the foundation of any magical idea. Norman was telling a story about how he successfully developed a paper based DVD packaging, and in return Majken and Pieter shared their story of releasing CDs in a cover made from a recycled crisp packet. The aim was to prove that waste could easily be used as a resource. With everyone hooked on this idea, their anecdotes turned into a discussion which lasted well into the night. If you can make a CD cover out of waste, then there must be endless possibilities for other products as well, right?!
Together they turned their attention towards high volume products that are not easily recycled – where they came up with hangers.
Hangers are widely used however very few people concern themselves with how they are made. Everyone had them, uses them and needs them – you could argue on a daily basis. However, most importantly: ordinary hangers pollute a great deal. Accepting the challenge to alter the current mindset of how hangers are made and used would prove to be a great way to make a difference.

Now the idea had come to life, the three friends set themselves the goal of developing a hanger that would challenge and reinterpret the plastic, wooden, and metal hangers hitherto used by the billion.
The NORMN Hanger was born!

And so, the story became reality

Since the story of the hanger made of waste became a reality, companies around the world have enthusiastically taken to the NORMN hanger.
Brands such as PUMA, Olive & Moss, and Topshop have been amazed by the sustainable hanger and have used them to make their brands stand out and tell their stories.

We are thankful for all the support we have received and continue to get, and hope that one day the whole world will wonder why we ever used anything else!

Now you know a bit about them, allow yourself to enjoy their hard work!


Pieter Theron

ACMA, B.Comm., with a background in investment banking, venture capital, media, and creative arts


Majken Møller

M.Env Sci., with a background in sustainable supply chains and environmental performance


Norman MacKenzie

Product designer with a background in art, illustration, and product development