Truly Circular

Our cardboard hangers fit into any paper recycling system, so pop them into the paper bin and they can resurface as cardboard boxes, bags or even hangers again. They are durable, plastic-free and made from recycled compressed paper fibres.

Tested & Approved

We made sure our hangers can take a punch. After thorough research and development, our metal hook cardboard hangers were GS1 equivalent tested and function well through steam tunnels and transport systems.

Brand Booster

Our cardboard hangers are fully printable on both sides, offering an excellent opportunity for branding or other forms of communication. The hangers offer up a bonus space for brands to tell their stories.

Brands we worked with

The New Norm

100% recyclable

Plastic-free cardboard hangers that are recyclable today and circular by design.

Can take a punch

Tried and tested, our latest metal hook cardboard hangers can deal with the blows of transport and distribution centres, but are just as recyclable.

Plastic free

Made from compressed recycled paper fibres, we thought about the complete lifecycle of our SolidBoard hangers.

Research & Development

Every hanger aims for the perfect balance between functionality, sustainability and beautiful design.

Storytelling billboard

Increase brand exposure by using the hanger space to tell your story.

Brand honesty

A tactile message that your brand is working towards a sustainable and circular future.

What our clients say about us

“We love the hangers! Better show our conscious collections in a sustainable display right?! “
“Customers love the fact that the hangers are recycled and ultimately recyclable, and so do we! And we love that they are surprisingly durable and lightweight.”
“We were beyond thrilled to find that NORMN Hangers are not only sustainably made and 100% recyclable, but they are also super space-saving, look really cool and are so easy to brand! We’ve had so many compliments on them in the shop, all-around winner!”
Tot Swap
“We chose NORMN Hangers, because they are easy to handle and have a great look that fits us”

Frequently Asked Questions

How are paper-based NORMN Hangers sustainable?

Our plastic-free cardboard hangers are made from recycled and compressed paper fibres and our board manufacturer operates a European Chain of Custody certified recycled paper mill system. Furthermore, the hangers are 100% recyclable today, anywhere, by anyone. Just pop them in the widely available paper bins. No new systems needed; we can work with the ones we already have all over the world.

Are the hangers 100% recyclable?

Yes! That’s how we designed them. The paper-based hangers can be recycled in any existing paper recycling scheme. This means that any paper bin, corporate cardboard pick-up or other paper recycling system works. With paper being one of the most widely recycled resources, our paper waste is picked up and reduced back to paper pulp. This pulp is then used to make new products. In the Netherlands, where we manufacture, this process is one of the most efficient.

What's the hanger problem?

The issue with hangers is that 85% of them currently end up in landfills (Veolia, 2020). That’s about 85 billion hangers per year, equivalent to 1.5 million tonnes of plastic, not getting recycled and littering the planet (FT, 2019/Fashion Pact, 2020). Plastic is difficult to recycle to begin with, but hangers are even more so due to their shape. Our hangers fix this problem by replacing finite plastic with paper and plugging into existing paper recycling systems. In Europe, for example, 85.8% of paper packaging is recycled (the highest of all materials) versus just 15% of plastic hangers getting new life. Our solution is using the renewable and recyclable material of paper and removing the need for plastic altogether. Hello paper, goodbye plastic.

Want to know more?

We are happy to provide you with custom information about our hangers. If you have suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.