The clothing hanger as a fashion icon

The clothing hanger is the icon of the fashion industry. At NORMN hangers, we’re trying to update that icon of the fashion world. Because if fashion is going more sustainable, its icon should evolve with it. There is only one question: is it possible to change an icon? Icons and symbols are not the same. Symbols must […]

The art of positivity for change

It is easy to get lost in the negativity spread around our planet. The news about climate change, COVID-19 and racism can be overwhelming. Focussing on the negative is easy. But what would happen if we shift our focus to the positive? Personally, when I read or watch the news, it makes me feel lost […]

Why paper is the natural choice

Paper has always been a storyteller. An essential product to our everyday lives, used to create, educate, communicate, protect and entertain.

Revolutionary material as trash

Cheap, sterile and easy to shape. When John Wesley Hyatt discovered plastic in 1869 as an alternative for ivory billiard balls…