Fossil Fuel Fashion

During climate week NYC the use of fossil fuels in the fashion industry was top of the agenda. Calls for legislation came from activists to break the fashion industry’s links to fossil fuels. Sustainable Brands reports that The Fossil Fuel Fashion campaign panel at Climate Week was the first in a planned series of activations […]


The planet as a whole’s ability to manage plastic waste has just been overshot by the amount of plastic waste produced. 28 July 2023 has officially been named ”Plastic Overshoot Day”. According to a recent report by Swiss NGO EA (Environmental Action), it was the first day that the planet produced more plastic than could […]

Only 9% of plastic is recycled worldwide!

At NORMN hangers we are concerned with the recyclability of materials in a BIG way! More than that, we keep tabs on what is claimed and what happens in real life. It is no secret that we compete against cheap plastic products and see a lot of ‘washing’ going on. The real problem with plastic […]

NORMN Hangers – Patent Granted!

Our unique method of fixing a metal hook to a cardboard hanger body was granted as a patent to NORMN Hangers on 9 Nov 2021. This method enables the metal hook to remain attached to the hanger body even when put to severe physical stresses. The assembly passed the equivalent of SG1 test protocols that […]

Single use plastics in the Fashion industry – Fashion for good focus on Polybags.

In a recent Whitepaper published by Fashion for Good, the impact of using plastic polybags in the fashion industry was evaluated and alternative approaches explored. We at NORMN hangers fully support any reduction of single-use plastic in general, but specifically in the fashion industry. We believe that clothes hangers are a much bigger contributor to […]