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Our unique solution for ‘garment on hanger’ transport



GOH transport hangers


The standard range hangers for adults


Full range of hangers for the little ones


Lingerie, clips, shoulder pieces and more


Customer input

We continuously create new hangers to fit different types of clothing, purposes and prices. It is important for us to listen to the input from our customers; they know what they need best.

Research & Development

With every hanger we develop, we make sure the design is beautiful, functional, and sustainable. We keep ourselves sharp by constantly questioning our work.


We believe that thinking about sustainability in the design, production and disposal of our hanger results in a better product for you and a better future for us all. All materials and resources are used in a circular process – in line with nature’s model of reusing and recycling resources over and over again.

Need help choosing?

We can help you select the perfect hanger for your budget, volume and applications.