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Most brands have to go to excessive efforts to make their brand stand out, usually employing additional materials (and waste) in order to point out their product. Not with NORMN Hangers!

With NORMN Hangers, the dazzle is inherent in the product itself. Our hangers go so much further than simply hanging and displaying your garments – they sing out your brand, tell your stories, and keep your brand’s sustainability promise tangible and visible. Our fully printable hangers are made from recycled paper fibres and circular. They are coloured with vegetable inks and cause less damage to nature than average humans do in a day. Brand Booster!

In short, your hangers work to increase the brand value

They will make your designs noticed and you can use them guilt-free while flashing your care for nature’s best. As a bonus they will complement your designs beautifully.
It’s a win-win-win!

As shown in the interactive hanger graphic above, you get up to 5 times more branding space compared to ordinary hangers.

Check out our models and get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you!

Have you tried moving the handle on the hanger from side to side?