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When using NORMN hangers as your marketing tool the possibilities are vast. Allow us to guide you through some of the benefits of recycled cardboard hangers.


The branding benefits of recycled cardboard hangers

The hangers are designed to be used as a vehicle for storytelling and brand experience targeted directly towards your customers; your company’s uniquely branded hangers provide you with opportunity to  reach out to your customers, thereby increasing brand recognition.
You’ll make it easier for brand-loyal customers to locate your garments immediately in situations where you are not the only retailer (i.e. department stores, trade fairs, etc.). The hangers are visible from far away, its kind of like having a large signpost by your products.
You can increase brand honesty by using the hangers to communicate your brand’s values and you emphasise the fact that you use hangers that are sustainable, subsequently aiding your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.
The hangers can also work as one of your campaigns’ communication tools, ideal for encouraging change-of-behavior with your customers, showing them that Solid Board is the new plastic.

In the stores

NORMN hangers provide you with product differentiation in ways not possible with plastic, wire or wooden hangers. They will be your sign posts and much more than just functional hangers.
The hangers that display your garments can highlight your in-store product ranges in ways that are noticeable and convenient for your customers to detect. Since they are relatively new and very much of the times, they have the capability to be your brand’s signature (especially within multi-brand stores).
Greater visibility given by the hangers will help to increase your sales and strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. They will notice and appreciate you for the messages you portray through this marketing tool. Encourage your customers to take your hangers home where they will be used again and again giving you added brand exposure.

The benefits of your own unique recycled cardboard hangers

Because NORMN Hangers offer the possibility of purchasing a bespoke design, full color, and full surface print, it means the hangers will be unique to your brand and products.
The sky is the limit when designing the hangers, think big, because the hangers can take it. For example, a “color-me-in” themed design with printed graphics for kids to draw on. A space for a child to put their name in. A puzzle, a competition challenge, a coupon, you name it – it’s all possible. How about making a limited edition series of hangers for your customers to collect? These are just a few ideas – as we said, the possibilities are vast.

Take a look at the models in our range. What would you do with these blank canvases? We are ready to receive your order for your new unique branding tool – just holler.