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Making your brand stand out is the goal of every maker. However, most brands have to go to excessive efforts to achieve this, usually employing additional materials (and waste) in order to point out their product. With NORMN Hangers, the dazzle is inherent in the product itself. With the NORMN Hanger your brand will be highly visual and add eco-quality to your image. You can tell your story and re-tell it multiple times to increase brand recognition. Your customers will notice you for the added value to their shopping experience and take the hanger home to keep and show off.


More benefits for you and your customers

  • Product differentiation in ways not possible with plastic or wooden hangers
  • Bespoke design, full colour, full surface print
  • Highlighting of in-store product ranges via the hanger that displays them
  • Campaign communication, ideal for encouraging change-of-behavior
  • Stealth – wholesale concessions at a fraction of the cost – the brand’s own signature within multi-brand stores
  • Making it easier for brand-loyal customers – it’s like having a large signpost
  • Greater visibility = Increased sales
  • ‘Colour me in’ – printed interactive graphics aimed at kids
  • Increasing brand honesty with clear communication