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Make Your Brand Sing

With NORMN Hangers, your brand will be highly visual and add eco-quality to your brand’s image. You can use both sides of the hanger to tell your stories and messages, and re-tell them multiple times to increase brand recognition.


Use your hanger as a super trendy, sustainable marketing tool

We have developed this amazing marketing tool for your benefit. These hangers are essentially mini-billboards for your brand to flourish on. The possibilities are endless regarding colours, designs, shapes, etc. plus you’ll get about 5 times more branding space than what’s available on ordinary branded plastic hangers.

Your customers will notice you for the added value to their shopping experience and the chances of them taking the hanger home to keep and show off are vastly increased. The possibilities for brand repetition are many. From a marketing perspective, consider that now your hangers may well end up in your customer’s bedroom, being played with by children, and being a talking point among friends. You could well become the talk of the town by adding this experience with your brand – after all, the hangers will look exactly as you wish, therefore ensuring they complement your designs beautifully.

A sustainable marketing tool that states your CSR efforts

Our hangers will without doubt complement your CSR strategy seamlessly, as they are 100% recycled and totally recyclable after you – or your customers – are done using them. They are printed with vegetable-based inks, and thereby pose no harm to nature or people whilst they are adding value to your brand.

To date, our clients have used the hangers to tell their brands stories, or the efforts they make to help nature, the environment, or people. Such communication makes it certain that your customers will not only see your story but may well take it with them and therefore remember it. The visual message you share easily becomes an integral part of your brands image, simply because of it’s repeated nature throughout your shop. When your customer sees your hanger, takes it home and uses it – your message will be seen time and time again.

Makes sense right?  This marketing tool will really help you get noticed!

Have a look at the designs for your new marketing tool and contact us for a quote.