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Use your hanger as a unique marketing tool for storytelling

Imagine a retail store full of competitive brands – how do you get the customers to notice your brand amongst the competition, and create more brand recognition than your competitors? Easy. You let your branded hanger do the work! There are endless possibilities for the messages you can deliver to your customers on our hangers. We have come up with a few ideas to inspire you.

Storytelling that increases brand recognition

Tell the stories of your brand to increase brand recognition. How are your materials made? What details do you add to ensure your product is top quality? What organisations do you support? Another idea would be to elaborate on what you normally present on a swing tag.
Creating short stories on your hangers which your customers can follow and involve themselves in, will poke at their curiosity and entice them to follow up your story further down the line.
A simple gesture of offering the hanger to the customer buying your clothes would mean you increase the amount of times the customer is exposed to your brand and brand message. Thus, the hanger provides more brand exposure.

Storytelling that flashes your CSR efforts

Tell the stories of how you contribute to protecting the environment, the terms by which you employ the locals in the countries where your apparels are made, or what you donate to charity – anything that strengthens your CSR profile. Many brands do a lot, but don’t show it off other than on obscure pages of their websites. Hangers can be a great place to do this, reassuring people at the point of sale that they are not harming anyone or anything by purchasing your clothes. Statistics show that consumers are genuinely interested in how you conduct your business, and giving them easy access to this information may give them the incentive to become loyal customers.

Merchandise as a marketing tool

The hanger itself serves as outstanding merchandise, which generates a lot of attention. Why not design a bunch of hangers to sell at your stores? You could make the hangers interactive learning tools for kids, by adding colour-me-in drawings, puzzles or leaving space for the customer’s name. How about making competitions and challenges? When used in the home you will have the benefit of every-day use and thereby repeat the brand experience.

Browse around our site to see the many possibilities there are when using hangers as your storytelling tool. Take a look at our models and give us a shout for a quote.