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Introducing the paper hanger with many talents for visual merchandising

When using a paper hanger from NORMN Hangers as your new marketing tool the added values are immense.

You can use them as mini-billboards for your brand and to tell your stories whilst saving space and reducing waste. It’s even possible to use them to differentiate the ranges within your brand’s products/ designs.
Not only do they add to your public image as a caring brand, but also openly show that you take your corporate social responsibility seriously.

Take a look at the following features, and imagine how visual merchandising could benefit you.


Use your hanger as a unique billboard for your brand. With up to 5 times more branding space than ordinary hangers, you no longer need tags on your clothes – tell your story on the hangers and they will pop your garments right off the rail.


Use your hanger to tell the stories about your brand. This way you increase brand exposure and give your customers a valuable experience to remember.

Increase brand honesty

Get the message out that you are a nature caring brand by using NORMN Hangers – a 100% sustainable marketing tool.

Fully customizable

Not only can you cover our hangers with your own print and embossments but you can also create your own shaped hanger that’s completely and unmistakably unique to your brand. Set your brand apart today!

Resource effecient

With a natural look and feel, all NORMN Hangers are made from Solid Board, which is compressed 100% recycled paper fibres. 

Space saving tool


NORMN Hangers are stackable and 3 times more space-efficient than other types of hangers when transported or stored.

Waste reduction


NORMN Hangers create zero waste as they are 100% recyclable. They fit into any existing paper recycling scheme – just throw it in and it will be reused for something else. Doing good feels good.