Kids Hangers Range

Below you will find hanger models designed with kids clothing sizes in mind.

The kids hangers are very durable and range from 2 to 4 mm thickness. They can display many kinds of children’s wear and they are a great gift to give to your small customers. Read more facts about the hangers.

All the kids hangers are fully brandable, perfectly sustainable and will display your designs beautifully, while showing off your brand at the point of sale.

Brands using the kids hangers

Several of the kids hanger models have been used by top brands such as SmåfolkNew GeneralsMoleOlive & Moss, to name but a few.

You can have a look at how some of these brands have designed their own unique hangers. Also check out ideas for how to boost your brand by using hangers as a marketing tool or storytelling tool.

Your eco hanger

All the kids hangers are sustainable, recyclable and made from recycled Solid Board. You can read more about the environmental benefits, which you can use to emphasize your brand’s green image.

For more information about our kids models, or if you have suggestions for new kids models, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at