Small Baby Hanger Range (premature)

Below models have been designed with premature baby clothing sizes in mind.

This range was developed specifically for the very small sizes of baby clothing for premature babies. The hangers are 2 mm thick and are formed in ways so they can display the small baby sizes. Also have a look at the baby hangers, which can hang some types of premature babies clothing as well.

All the Small Baby Hangers are fully brandable, perfectly sustainable and will display your designs beautifully, while showing off your brand at the point of sale. Especially for small baby designs it can be nescessary to display the size and fabric of the garment.

You can have a look at how other brands have designed their own unique hangers. Also check out ideas for how to boost your brand by using hangers as a marketing tool or storytelling tool.

The premature baby hangers are “green”

The Small Baby Hangers are sustainable, recyclable and made from recycled Solid Board. You can read more about the environmental benefits, which you can use to emphasize your brand’s green image.

For more information about our Small Baby models, or if you have suggestions for new premature baby models, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at