Fossil Fuel Fashion

During climate week NYC the use of fossil fuels in the fashion industry was top of the agenda. Calls for legislation came from activists to break the fashion industry’s links to fossil fuels.

Sustainable Brands reports that The Fossil Fuel Fashion campaign panel at Climate Week was the first in a planned series of activations by the campaign coalition — which will include activities in Brussels, COP28 and the World Economic Forum in Davos. The goal is to leverage the combined power of policy interventions, innovations and business solutions, and grassroots campaigning to drive a phase-out of fossil fuels from fashion.

The campaign calls for prompt, radical legislative action to stem overproduction in the fashion industry and decouple it from fossil fuels with three calls to action:

  • an equitable phase-out of fossil-fuel-based materials
  • a commitment to science-based climate targets
  • open support of systemic legislative action.

Commenting on the campaign, Dr Johan Rockström — eminent environmental scientist and Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research — said: “The fashion industry, with its global reach, is intrinsically connected to numerous environmental and socioeconomic issues — encompassing resource extraction, international trade, human rights, agriculture, consumer behavior, geopolitics, and environmental pollution. Our research shows six of the nine planetary boundaries have now been crossed; and anthropogenic activities are a key driver of this. As a sector, fashion is closely linked to exceeding planetary boundaries in several ways — an influence which can no longer be overlooked or underestimated.”

Ending the use of fossil fuel in the global fashion industry might seem like an insurmountable challenge to individuals, but when the individual components are viewed separately it is very achievable.

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