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Good targets are good to have. Great targets are visionary.


Our targets are long-lasting, bio-degradable, and cradle-to-cradle

The overall target is for our product to be as sustainable as humanly possible. We will not compromise.
We will not believe results before we see them. We will continuously strive to develop our products and our company.

More specifically, we will:

  • take part in reducing the need for virgin raw materials
  • produce goods using renewable sources
  • implement the cradle-to-cradle / closed-loop principle in all of our production
  • use 100% recycled paperboard, aka Solid Board
  • ensure the product is bio-degradable and compostable
  • print with non-toxic inks based on vegetable oils
  • use non-toxic, water-based adhesives
  • make the product reusable and strong
  • minimise waste, CO2 emissions, space, and transport requirements connected to our product and offices
  • make sure the product is disposable within existing recycling schemes, from curbside┬áresidential recycling
    to business recycling facilities at large scale retail stores, shopping malls, etc., thereby closing all loops.

Does this sound inspiring to you? Our targets can become your targets as well. When using NORMN Hangers for your
brand your image will benefit from the same sustainable vision as ours.

Take a look at the benefits you get.