Only 9% of plastic is recycled worldwide!

At NORMN hangers we are concerned with the recyclability of materials in a BIG way! More than that, we keep tabs on what is claimed and what happens in real life. It is no secret that we compete against cheap plastic products and see a lot of ‘washing’ going on. The real problem with plastic is the way we deal with it after it has been used and not with the material itself. Simply focusing on the material plastic and without referring to any specific products, we feel that it is worth shining a light on this newly released article / podcast from Deutsche Welle’s, Neil King & Natalie Muller:

“We cannot recycle our way out of the plastic crisis. We also need to look at the real solutions, which are reuse and AVOIDING waste!” – Janine Korduan, senior program officer for circular economy with Friends of the Earth Germany

NORMN hangers offer an alternative to single-use plastic hangers. Our cardboard hangers with – metal hooks – have the same functionality as plastic hangers but are fully recyclable through any standard paper recycling system. We support the elimination of single use plastics in all forms.