The obvious choice

to meet your goals

Do you have sustainability on your agenda? Do you already use paper hang tags, bags and boxes? Use NORMN to use even more paper and ditch plastic hangers to make a big positive impact on your carbon footprint.
NORMN saves up to 90% of CO2 vs typical plastic hangers.


Cardboard has always been the obvious choice for hangers, it just simply was not possible due to the non-functionality of the paper-based hook. It’s not strong enough. Now, with our metal hook hangers, it is!

We believe that thinking about sustainability in the design, production and disposal of our hangers results in a better product for you and a better future for us all. All materials and resources are used in a circular process already in place– in line with nature’s model of reusing and recycling resources over and over again.

Why hangers?

Clothing hangers are up there among the world’s most invisible products. Used every day in shops all over the world, hangers are produced in their billions each year. Sadly only a fraction of these get recycled, meaning that most will end up in landfill or get incinerated. Even stores with re-use or recycle schemes for their plastic hangers find it difficult to recapture most of their hangers. We wanted to tackle this issue and show that an alternative is available: our paper-based hangers are based on natural resources, made with the greatest care and can be recycled. Even the ink we use is vegetable-based in order not to harm nature.


The cleverness of a NORMN Hanger is the fact that you can just pop it in the paper bin. Simply use any of the existing standard paper recycling already in place; no need for complex external and expensive pick-up schemes. Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world and our cardboard hangers slot perfectly into these existing, widely accepted global schemes. Easy and circular!


Our hangers are made of recycled paper fibres, provided by the award-winning Solidus Solutions. Together with our production partner Argent Packaging we are constantly investing in research and development to ensure we are offering the best there is in the business. Together with these partners we created NORMN Board, made out of a pulp of recycled paper fibres, to make sure the hangers are strong and circular. All partners are certified. Read more about them here.


As explained by Cradle2Cradle’s William McDonough, products and systems need to be circular by design and intent. The environment is headed towards a cliff and real change is needed to change its course. This means rethinking materials like plastic and replacing them with better options. Our change of course is to replace the need for plastic with paper-based hangers. Recycling plastic only slows the pace of a problematic course – continuing towards that cliff. Let’s change course and expel the need for plastic hangers altogether!

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