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NORMN Hangers is a market leader when it comes to quality, design, and R&D. We know about the use of sustainable materials and manufacturing. Our paperboard hangers are produced by Argent Verpakkingen en Solidus Solutions (NL).


Our paperboard hanger is sustainable

They are made of SolidBoard, made from recycled and compressed paper fibres. They’re printed with non-toxic vegetable-based inks. Furthermore, they are 100% recyclable – meaning they can be disposed of using widely available, existing schemes for paper recycling. They also provide a reduction in waste, CO2, space, and transportation.

Our paperboard hanger is strong

The thickness of all our hangers ranges between 2  to 4 mm. They can hold up to 10 kg of garments and are very durable. We have developed hangers suitable for various clothing sizes. Namely, adults, teenagerskids, babies (including premature baby clothing),  underwear and lingerie, footwear, and wholesale. They can be fully printed on both sides and you can print/emboss your logo onto the standard white or brown hangers.

Our paperboard hanger is suitable for many environments

Our hanger has proven its durability and functionality through testing in demanding retail environments. It is a fully functional display solution for the fashion and retail industry, hotels, cost-reductive transportation, clever marketing at the point of sale, and much more.