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It is important to us that all of our hangers are beautiful, functional, and of perfect sustainable design. This is our aim every time we develop new models, and all our existing models live up to this.

We research, develop, design, and are fully involved in every stage of the process – right from the drawing board to handing the mailman a box of hangers with your address stuck on top.


We focus on R&D in order to create perfect sustainable design

We continuously create new hangers to fit different types of clothing, purposes and prices. There is a world of opportunities and we aim to find the best ones.
But one element is inherent with all NORMN Hangers – they are made from 100% recycled Solid Board and are easily recyclable in any paper recycling scheme.
Even the ink we use to print on the hangers is based on vegetables and therefore does no harm to nature. This creates a 100% nature-friendly, cradle-to-cradle, CSR strengthening marketing tool.

Our partners also invest deeply in R&D

We challenge conventional products by providing sustainable solutions and alternatives that surpass current offerings with increased functionality and perceived value.
We work closely with the various R&D departments of our manufacturing partner Solidus Solutions, formerly Smurfit Kappa, to explore new materials and alternative manufacturing methods, while ensuring strong, stylish products.
Our design and manufacturing processes are protected by extensive Intellectual Property rights, including Patent applications and Registered Designs.
Check out the many different hanger models we’ve developed, or get in touch with us if you would like a quote.