Our hangers can be fully printed on both sides, offering excellent real estate for branding or other forms of communication. Your bespoke design can make your brand stand out. The feel and visual of a NORMN hanger intrinsically communicates that your company values sustainability. 

Stand out without employing additional materials – and waste – to highlight your products. With NORMN Hangers, the dazzle is part of the product itself. The hangers are a vehicle for storytelling and brand experience.

Brand Booster

Our hangers offer a bonus: space for brands to tell their stories. Stand out without employing additional materials – and waste – to highlight your products. With NORMN Hangers you get the chance to brand your products on the very object that showcases your range and is held by the customer.


Imagine a retail store full of competitive brands – how do you get the customers to notice your brand amongst the competition and create more brand recognition than your competitors? Easy. You let your branded hanger do the work!

Campaigns & Swing-tags

Highlight a specific range or share swing-tag information on the hanger. Previous customers have removed ‘normal’ swing tags entirely by adding the information on their hangers. This saves additional material and costs. 

Full surface area print

For orders over 5.000 pc

Get a full-colour, full surface area print for your bulk order. Simply get in touch and we can discuss the many options with you.

Logo print

For orders over 500 pc

We can print your logo to a mix of models for orders of 500 hangers or more in total. This is done by a third party using a tampon print. Print prices are extra per hanger for 1 colour, 1 sided printing, plus a one time print plate setup. 

DIY personalisation

For smaller orders

For low volume branding, you can also order a self-inking stamp from your local stationery providers and simply stamp them yourself. Just make sure they are dry before use. For some of our customers this has work out really well.

Inspired? Start shopping or ask us for a quote!