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We challenge ourselves to not only make our hangers more sustainable but an overall better solution.

Research & Development

By challenging ourselves to create new hangers to meet the needs of our customers, we are always looking into new opportunities, designs and production possibilities. The challenge for us lies in creating a product that functions well but is still beautiful, financially viable and sustainable. 

We design and develop our products from a sustainable perspective.

Hangers are straightforward products: we all instantly understand their function. But creating a simple innovative product that is functional, sustainable and achievable is a balancing act. It has been our job to make the innovation of a seemingly simple product appear effortless. 

Our design and manufacturing processes are protected by extensive intellectual property rights, including patent applications and registered designs.

The raw material

The hangers are made from paper fibres, made with recycled paper (post-consumer waste and mill broke) or, if requested, a blend of FSC/PEFC certified pulp. We use water-based glues and inks, so there is no plastic involved in the process or product. Our NORMN Fusion hanger features a metal hook, a material which is infinitely recyclable and easily taken out by recyclers.


To ensure our hangers are strong and function effectively, we created our own type of SolidBoard. This is a layered paper-based board, similar to though stronger than cardboard, that we developed ourselves in collaboration with our paper suppliers Solidus Solutions, formerly Smurfit Kappa. They operate a European recycled paper mill system, which is Chain of Custody certified. This board is strong enough to last, but once it is recycled it can be brought back to its fibre base.

The hook

By speaking to larger brands, we quickly realised that to make a bigger impact on the industry we needed to create a hanger with a metal hook that would function in the back-of-house automated logistical centres used to transport clothing from the factory to the shop floor. In the industry referred to as GOH, Garment On Hanger. This is why we created our NORMN Fusion model, world’s first hanger to do just that.


We developed multiple shapes of hangers to fit all sorts of garments. If we have not yet covered your demands, we are happy to develop a new smart shape.


Need extra support for the special garments? With the additional shoulder pieces you can give those garment the support they need to be at their best. 


Extend the hanger’s skill set of the hanger with easily attachable metal clips.


A keen combination of a strong paper hanger and detachable metal hook, meets both the strict industrial specifications for GOH logistics and sustainability.

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