Partnership is the cornerstone of any true impact. We cannot go at it alone. We therefore work closely with our partners, who are all experts in their field. They deliver professional sustainable design elements, sparring and counselling. Together we can offer products that are top of the line in all aspects.


Argent is our exclusive development partner. They provide unique and very specialized solutions for the packaging industry and work with us to push the boundaries of sustainable innovation. Argent is a highly specialized converter with high-end finishing capabilities. They think along, are willing to try new approaches and we would not be where we are without them.

Fashion for Good

Fashion for Good is a global platform for innovation in the fashion industry, through collaboration and community. They work on several initiatives, including their innovation platform and a museum of sustainable fashion. We were part of the second batch of their Accelerator programme in late 2017. They have continued to support us and we use their collaborative workspace for our Amsterdam office. Their network of impact entrepreneurs and other players in the world of fashion is invaluable.

Textile Innovation Fund

The Textile Innovation Fund (TIF) is our financial partner. They believe in supporting sustainable solutions, from recycling and e-commerce to design and wearables. Viewing innovation in a wide spectrum, TIF spotted our potential to make an impact in the textile sector. They play a supporting role, allowing us to benefit from their experience and expertise.

Solidus Solutions

Solidus Solutions, previously part of Smurfit Kappa, is our manufacturing partner. As one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturers of paper-based packaging products, they are a European leader when it comes to recycled products. They have FSC-certified mills and a large volume capacity for manufacturing. Solidus has received several sustainability awards in past years.

Kando Engineering

Based in London, Kando engineering specialises in custom-made automated solutions. Their engineers are helping us develop custom production tools to meet our specific manufacturing needs.

Think we should meet?

As a Research & Development based company we are always looking to innovate. If you feel there is an opportunity to work together, please get in touch. We are always happy to explore the possibilities to make an even greater impact on the word.